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Hello, I am Cewewec420 in game, aka Qq on YouTube or .2. On discord. I play Apollo, I started on Apollo about half an hour after launch. My hobbies include gaming, (haha duh) solving Rubik’s cubes as fast as I possibly am able to, binge watching tv shows and movies. My favorite genre is horror, and some of my favorites include the saw series and spree. These films are low budget with awful acting and no sense of self awareness, culminating in the perfect “bad in a good way” feeling. I am a barista by trade and love every last part of my job, there is no feeling quite like getting off a shift with a free hand crafted iced coffee in my hands. I’ve been playing rsps’s since I was in the 7th grade, my best friend introduced me through his own rip from a public source, and since then I’ve always found myself returning to the scene. I often can be found rolling around with Elvis D Gamer, Civil Rain, Delphi, Cheung, and Manacaym to name a few (So sorry if we talk often and I’ve forgotten to mention you, just naming off the top of my head).

Im majorly looking forward to the future of the realm, and mainly CustomX. My favorite part about the realm is the community and the long grinds, I’ve always been one to sit and stare at the screen for as long as I can stay awake, starting when I first mined coal from 50-99 in RuneScape, I think deep down I miss the Falador mines and yearn for a goal to shoot for that has more meaning than just coal. Apollo did a wonderful job with this and really managed to make the grind extremely monotonous (like I like them) but equally rewarding (like I like them) 

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