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Cosmetic guide


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Getting started

Opening the cosmetic tab is simple, just click the blue partyhat in your equipment tab.

Screenshot-970  Screenshot-969

There's a lot of items that give additional bonusses apart from overriding your gear for cosmetic purposes.
The easiest cosmetic items to obtain are: 
H'weens = 3% dr & ddr (red, blue & green)
Santa hat = 5% dr & ddr (red)
Custom santa hats = 8% dr & ddr (any but red)
Regular partyhats = 12% dr & ddr (red,blue,white,green,yellow)
Custom partyhats = 15% dr & ddr (black, sky,lava & pink)

All can be obtained from cosmetic mystery boxes or ::pos

Other Cosmetics


Lovely items are obtained at  ::loveisland (global boss), love hearts (drink love potion to enter instance), ::pos & valentine heart / (e)

These have 10% dmg , 20% dr & ddr each

Primal items are obtained at primal trolls* , primal goodiebag, ::pos 

(*need a primal cape from a previous season pass but will be re-obtainable soon i'll edit this when it does)



Campaign items

Not sure on their bonusses & what items there are but they're supposed to be BIS (best in slot) in both categories (regular gear tab & cosmetic tab)

These can be obtained through donating or buying in-name donations ::deals in-game -> click campaign 

Campaign ending

These campaign rewards are manually handed out & require a screenshot & ign on it aswell shown below & send it to the af8unpserver manager or other staff members see: Staff Team
Note: Make sure to screenshot BEFORE the end of the campaign.


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