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Clue Scroll Guide


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Some clue scrolls can be done using a 'Strange Device' obtained from 'Shopkeeper' at ::shops.


Getting started with clues:
(ctrl + f & type the clue to search faster)



Hint: ealHre
Location: Click 'check' on the healer east of home.


Hint: Dig near a king black dragon
Location: Teleports - Bosses - King black dragon



Hint: Dig in front of a small galaxy chest
Location: Teleports - Minigames - Galaxy Minigame



Hint: Dig in the middle of Room 2
Location: Teleports - Minigames - Cash Zone


Hint: Dig Near the dead Shadowlord Skeleton
Location: To be fixed, ask staff if they can teleport you if they have an alt acc in that spot, if not stock those clues up until it is fixed.



2261, 3990
Location: ::shops - dig in front of the iron shop.



3282, 3228
Location: Teleports - Bosses - Venenatis - Run South-East



2149, 3856
Location: Teleports - Cities - Lunar Isle - Run South-East



2920, 3520
Location: Teleport - Cities - Burthope - Run South-East & Dig somewhere in this turn. 




Anagram: eriWfld
Npc To Talk To: Wilfred
Location: Statistics tab - Woodcutting - Check Wilfred



Anagram: iInsug TrctMoninr
Npc To Talk To: Mining Instructor (Mining)
Location: Statistics tab - Smithing - Check Mining instructor



Anagram: iudSp rtiiDr
Npc To Talk To: Druid Spirit (Herblore)
Location: Statistics tab - Herblore - Check Druid spirit




Hint: Shrug while wearing Elite Void Gloves and Bloodbone Spirit Shield.
- Elite void gloves can be obtained by using a elite scroll (minigames - pest control) on void gloves.
- Bloodbone spirit shield can be obtained from superior mystery boxes.



Hint: Blow a raspberry while wearing a Shadowlord Bow and Galaxy Ring.
- Shadowlord bow can be obtained from ::forge & shadowlord raid keys.
- Galaxy ring can be obtained from minigames - galaxy minigame.
Note: you need all keys to open the galaxy minigame chest.



Hint: Do the Jig while wearing a Predator body and Superior brutal whip.
- Predator body can be obtained from lucky keys & ::forge.
- Superior brutal whip can be obtained from abyssal sire, ::forge, superior slayer box.



Hint: Salute while wearing a Superior Cape and Elite Void Knight Top.
- Superior cape can be obtained from superior mystery box, ::forge
- Elite void knight top can be obtained by using a elite scroll (minigames - pest control) on void top.




Hint: The town crier holds jingles his bells
Npc to talk to: Town crier
Answer: ::changepassword
Location:  ::home - town crier



Hint: Talk to Vannaka and answer a question
Npc To Talk To: Vannaka 
Answer: 4
Location: Statistics tab - Slayer - Teleport to master



Hint: A trivia question can be difficult, but the rewards are vast
Npc To Talk To: Trivia Shop
Answer: 4
Location: ::shops



Hint: Haircuts are important
Npc To Talk To: Makeover-Mage 
Location: ::home (normally, I can't seem to find npc - will ask if it's not added to the new home area or I might just be blind xD


Thanks to Niko, Jonny, Prophet for the help on making this guide so quickly.
still a work in progress, taking lil breaks, big guide and all.

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