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Ultimate Donator Zone Guide


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::ultimatezone can be accessed after unlocking the ultimate donator rank at $1000 claimed in-game.



Infinite Overload:
Click this item once per hour to have an overload potion effect added to your character. This scroll does not deteriorate.It gives 247 combat stats for 15 minutes &can be upgraded into 'Extreme overload' which lasts 24 hours & has the same stats as infinite.
Ultimate Brute Secondary Pet:
This pet follows behind your main pet. It give a whopping 10% extra damage, drop rate, double drop rate & EXP*
*= when your first pet has xp boosting bonusses (xp bugatti / ultimate bugatti)
25% XP Boost Charm:
Use this charm for a 25% EXP boost for 3 minutes.

These are worn in the cosmetic tab (see: Cosmetic Guide)

Black/Addy/Rune(g) (Tier 1):
750 Points Each = 1 DR Per Piece

Ringmaster/Gilded (Tier 2):
1250/1500 Points Each = 2 DR Per Piece

Wizard (g) (Tier 3):
2000 Points Each = 3 DR Per Piece

Tok-Tkzar (Tier 4):
2500 Points Each = 4 DR Per Piece

Ironman cape:
(not sure)


Start north-east of the map and thieve from the stalls.

Collect 200-500 of these stattuettes.



Take these stattuettes to the forge in the north of the map.

With statuettes in your inventory, click the forge and destroy them.

You have a 1/250 chance to obtain an Ultimate Hatchet.



Chop the Ultimate Trees to the west of the map.

Build up as many logs as you have time for.



Bring your logs to the bonfire in the south east of the map.

Use your logs on the fire to receive flaming log chippings.



Bring the flaming chippings to the fountain in the middle of the map.

Use the flaming chippings on the fountain to cool them off and reveal Ultimate Shards.



Spend your shards in the shop on whatever you see fit.
My personal opinion would be:
1st = Infinite overload
2nd = Ultimate brute pet
After that it's all up to preference in my opinion.

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