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Kingdom Minigames Guide


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  1. Minigame Guide!


    Godly Guardian!


    In here you will want to get 10 tokens and then go into the portals from left to right to farm your arrows.





    Barrows Brothers!


    In here you'll kill each of the brothers and then open the chest for your necklaces! The green ones are the ones you've killed so far,and

    the blue ones is where the tunnel is at. Shovel can be found at ::shops



    Noble Knights!


    Here you must fight King Arthurs knights to obtain there swords! Afterwards talk to king Arthur with all 3 swords to obtain a camelot key! These keys will let you get your ring

    The chest for the camelot key is south of home




    Haunted Arena Minigame!


    Here you will fish up eels and then trade those eels for instance tickets that will allow you to farm mobs for your Aura




    Forge of Power!


    With this minigame you'll be able to farm minigame tickets which you can use at the minigame shop to buy accessories.

    To get started with this one you're gonna want to run east and kill the miners till you have one pickaxe,hachet and hammer.



    Once you have all 3 you'll want to head both south and west to get the ore,logs and compound needed for the next step.





    After getting these materials you'll want to head north to the forge and turn them into a bar, then shatter the bar into shards on the anvil. 

    You can get anywhere from 1-5 shards per bar.





    After you have the shards you'll want to head back to the middle and use the shards on the massive furance to obtian minigame tickets. 1 shard=10 tickets.


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