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CustomX - Elite Dungeon, 4 New Bosses, 1T Coins, Extreme Evos, Elite Clues, Elite Chest + MORE !


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Elite Dungeon


The Elite Dungeon can be accessed through Dungeon teleports or the portal room.

To unlock this dungeon, you must have an Elite Dungeon Unlock item.

This unlock can be created in Tier 14 Evolving:

- 10Q Coins

- 150M Super Evos

- 7.5M Corrupt Shards



4 New Bosses

These new bosses require the Elite dungeon to be unlocked in order to attack them!

Amoral Troll

Health: 600T




Invision Torturer

Health: 600T




Disorted Dragon

Health: 600T




Elite Demon

Health: 1800T




T14 Armour + Weapons

Amoral Set

Bonuses Per Piece:

4269M Melee Bonus

425% Drop Rate

350% Double DR



Distorted Set

Bonuses Per Piece:

4269M Magic Bonus

425% Drop Rate

350% Double DR



Invision Set

Bonuses Per Piece:

4269M Range Bonus

425% Drop Rate

350% Double DR



All T14 Armour & Weapons have a dissolve price of 27Q and can be evolved



T15 Armour + Weapons


Elite Set

Bonuses Per Piece:

12.8B Strength, Magic, Range Bonus

750% Drop Rate

500% Double DR



Elite items do not currently have a dissolve price and can be evolved in T15



Elite Clue Scrolls

7263933d350fcd6fe5047d57ca4d8bfc.png 7263933d350fcd6fe5047d57ca4d8bfc.png 7263933d350fcd6fe5047d57ca4d8bfc.png 7263933d350fcd6fe5047d57ca4d8bfc.png 7263933d350fcd6fe5047d57ca4d8bfc.png

Elite clues are obtainable from killing Elite slayer monsters


Stand between the stalls near the water.

City Teleports -> Relleka, Dig Here:



Someone can help you transcribe a message.

Teleport to Perk Paradise minigame, talk to Perk Professional

Question: What city is home to The Willis Tower?

Answer: chicago


Etenv eorSt

Talk to the Event Store at ::shops


Yawn while wearing Dragon-Scale Boots and Samurai Gloves


Elite Chest


The Elite Chest is located at ::chests

You can buy Elite Keys from the Elite Slayer shop, and they are obtainable as drops from Elite dungeon bosses



Elite Casket

10a36710e7392375354a10c99a185639.png 10a36710e7392375354a10c99a185639.png 10a36710e7392375354a10c99a185639.png 10a36710e7392375354a10c99a185639.png 10a36710e7392375354a10c99a185639.png

Elite Caskets are obtainable from Elite Clue Scrolls!



Elite Slayer Master

This slayer master is located at the Elite Dungeon and will assign boss tasks for the 4 new bosses!



Elite Slayer Shop



1T Coins

ef1199f982be8a9213a224910c6b0b41.png ef1199f982be8a9213a224910c6b0b41.png ef1199f982be8a9213a224910c6b0b41.png ef1199f982be8a9213a224910c6b0b41.png ef1199f982be8a9213a224910c6b0b41.png 

When you withdraw a large amount of cash from your pouch it will now prioritize T coins.

The money pouch has also been formatted to show Q and you can also enter Q in the pouch input!


Extreme Evolving Tokens

ffeb8dae334f6ffe424043ce74aca030.png ffeb8dae334f6ffe424043ce74aca030.png ffeb8dae334f6ffe424043ce74aca030.png ffeb8dae334f6ffe424043ce74aca030.png ffeb8dae334f6ffe424043ce74aca030.png

Extreme evolving tokens are now available at the Evolving shop

1 Extreme Evolving Token = 1,000,000 Super Evolving Tokens!



Changes To Ascending

Ascending is now capped at 75 ascends!

This is in preparation for our new Elite Slayer Release coming soon.


New Achievements

Achievements have been added for the 4 new bosses, caskets, mystery boxes, chest and more!



New Pets

4 New Pets have been added for the new bosses!

They have INSANE bonuses!!

Galaxy Chest Buff


Omega Promotional Items Introduced


Alpha Item Dissolving



New Dissolve Prices

Galactic = 6Q

Amoral, Distorted, Invision = 27Q

Space, Vortex, Alien Accessories = 270T


Other Updates

- Corrupt Instances have turned into Elite Instances

- Created a new bone called Elite bones

- An eco holders leaderboard has been added and is being developed still

- Corrupt keys no longer count as 2 on achievements

- Removed spam notification of prestiging

- Fixed scroll on pet manager interface

- Admin+ can now teleport into players instances

- Fixed bug where supreme partyhats are nulled out when put into the bank

- Overloads now have all 4 sips instead of just 1

- Alpha items have been buffed significantly
- Founders Cape Buffed

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