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CustomX - Raid of Power, Power Bloodranger Boss, Power Set, Chest Crusher Minigame + MORE!


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Power Bloodrager

A new Power Bloodrager boss has been added!

In order to unlock this boss you must pay a one time fee of 7.5M (t) coins. This is 7.5QT!

This boss drops the keys from the new raid at a very rare chance, as well as the unlock for the new raid at 1/750K!




Raid of Power

The raid of power can be unlocked by using a Raid Unlock, dropped from the newest boss!

This raid will spawn ONE boss for every member in your raid party.

The boss that is spawned will be determined by the hardest boss that you have unlocked.

The health required to complete a raid is the health of the Bloodranger Boss, multiplied by the amount of members in your party, multiplied by 10.

After the damage bar is filled, you will get a Power key!



Power Chest & Key

Power keys are obtained from the Raid of Power and new Bloodranger Power boss!




Power Armour + Weapons

This new armour is obtained from the Power chest, and t18 evolving!



T18 Evolving

The power items can be evolved in T18!



Chest Crusher Minigame

The new chest crusher minigame has been added!

To start this minigame you must pay 20QT


You will have 60 seconds to kill as many chests as possible.. up to a maximum of 30!


You can complete this minigame 5x per day.

On average per round you will get 8-10 treasure keys if you can kill all 30 chests.

Chest loots:



New Vote Reward

4151973ac3fe0e262280b824807eb2b5.png 4151973ac3fe0e262280b824807eb2b5.png 4151973ac3fe0e262280b824807eb2b5.png 4151973ac3fe0e262280b824807eb2b5.png 4151973ac3fe0e262280b824807eb2b5.png

You will now receive 2x of the Minor Box of Power for voting!



Voting Boss

A vote boss has been added that will spawn every 20 votes!




New Season Pass


Everlasting Donator Rank

Amount Donated: $100K

XP Boost: 1000%

Damage Boost: 1500%

Drop Rate Boost: 2000%

Double Drop Rate Boost: 2000%



New Achievements

New achievements have been added for the new minigame, boss, raid, boxes, chest, and more!



New Dissolves

T16 Armour (except infinity) - 675,000 of the T coins

T17 Armour (ancient) - 3.6M of the T coins


Other Updates

- You can now hide items your wearing by right clicking the item in your cosmetic override slots and selecting hide

- Added new progress tasks for various content in the game

- Fixed the event store clue scroll step

- Doubled the damage cap on the bosses at szone

- Theres now a 1/750 chance to receive an infinity piece when sacrificing dust at character cup minigame

- Added ::evo to open evo shop

- Theres now a 10 second delay when spawning thanos

- Removed skill level spam

- Vanisher and ancient staff now have combat spells

- Chests and mystery boxes now say the amount opened in their global messages


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