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Zzhz Staff Application


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I am posting this in the event that a position opens up and that I am qualified - if neither of these things ever happen, thanks for reading!

What is your In-game name? Zzhz
What time-zone are you in? Central Standard Time 
What is your discord tag? iambrotato
Are you Going to take the Staff Position seriously if so, please explain how you intend to do to show you are taking it seriously? Yes it will be taken seriously. I think at the end of the day we're all just people trying to have fun - I would make sure that fun / serious issues keep a delicate balance. 
Do you have a good amount of RSPS Experience? If so how much - I ran my own Private Server back in 2010-2012 but it had a peak player count of like 50. I've moderated a handful of other servers during that time but nothing recent. I was also a Game Master for a World of Warcraft private server around the same time under the name Rexxar.
How many hours can u be Online daily? I'm averaging 10+ hours per day at the moment - only days I'm not as active are Thursday's.
Tell us why will you be a good choice as a staff team? I'm most impartial and can see issues arising which need proper action taken - I'm available to help when asked but for the most part I just want to see this server succeed. 
Tell us in three sentences what will you do as a staff member? I would be someone who could be trusted that is online most of the day - offering advice when asked / providing helpful feedback. I can de-escalate situations where needed. I can effectively lead people (it's what I do for work) in a way they feel heard and understood - engaging with the community in a positive way to make it a more enjoyable time for all. 
Tell us more about yourself. I am just a 30 year old man-child who still loves playing Runescape Private Servers - I work from home in the telecommunication business and have quite a bit of free time I devote to gaming. I am the typical American that loves Pizza and Beer every night of the  week as well :^). 

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