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Realm Refund Program


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Realm Refund Program ( beta )


The Realm Refund Program is a new initiative to offer our supporters even more bang for their buck!

The Realm Refund Program gives you a chance to claim your donation to any Realm Server, twice.

This system is setup as a cash advance-like system. When you make a donation on any server in our network, you can re-claim this donation in 6 months for both the value in Rank & Campaign (::deals) Funds. This could be on a brand new server, a yet-to-release server, or any online server of The Realm Network. 

Any in-name donations you have sold, you will also be able to claim through this system. Meaning, if you sell a $50 in-name donation on Apollo. You can claim this in-name donation for yourself 6 months later on a different, or the same server for both Rank Funds & Campaign (::deals) Funds

Below I will outline exactly how this system works so that there is no confusion.

1. Locate Realmy at the ::realm teleport. Right click him and select "Realm Refund Program"

2. Realmy will ask you to enter the PayPal email used to donate with or send receipts to

3. Realmy will search The Realm Database for any transactions made through this email

4. Realmy will tell you the total balance you have available through the Realm Refund Program

5. You will be sent a verification email to enter a code in order to claim your refund. You will enter the desired amount you would like to claim for both your Rank & Campaign Funds


6. Your in-game rank & campaign will automatically update and you will have claimed your Realm Refund





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