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Kingdom - Primitive Gravekeeper, Tyrannical Overlord, Tyrannical Clues, Tyrannical Chest, Vote Buff, + MORE!


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New Login Screen GFX



Primitive Gravekeeper

A new boss has been added! To unlock this boss you must pay 50K of the (t) coins!

This boss drops the new Primitive items.




Primitive Armour & Weapon

Primitive armour is tribrid & second to BIS!



Primitive T18 Creation

You can create the primitive items in T18!



Primitive Gravekeeper Pet

A new pet has been added!



Tyrannical Overlord

A new boss has been added! To unlock this boss you must pay 1M of the (t) coins!

This boss drops the new Tyrannical items.




Tyrannical Armour & Weapon

Tyrannical armour is tribrid and BIS!




Tyrannical T19 Creation

You can create Tyrannical items in T19!



Tyrannical Clue Scrolls



Dig in the middle of the 10 pillars.

Dig here, at the Tyrannical boss teleport



The Tyrannical Slayer Master seeks your guidance.

Talk to the Tyrannical slayer master

Question: Mallard and Ruddy are species of what bird?

Answer: duck



Talk to the zoo keeper in ardougne zoo


Headbang while wearing Kinesis Platebody and Obsidian Aura


3064, 3270

Dig here, north of port sarim



Tyrannical Casket

The Tyrannical casket is obtained from Tyrannical clue scrolls!




Tyrannical Chest & Key

Tyrannical keys are dropped from the new bosses.




Tyrannical Overlord Pet

A new pet has been added!



New Achievements

Achievements have been added for the new casket, chest, bosses, and boxes!



Voting Streak Buff

The vote streak rewards have been buffed!



Voting Reward Buff

The vote rewards have been changed to the new boxes for the regular & upgraded rewards!




Well of Goodwill Adjustment

The well of goodwill now takes (T) coins and the prices have been increased



New Dissolves

New dissolve prices have been added for the following:

- Kinesis armour & weapon

- Primitive armour & weapon


Promo Item Buff

The superior and limited items have been buffed.



Treasure Island

The Treasure Island is a new micro mini-game introduced through the ::Deals interface.

Tear your ticket to teleport to the island. Once on the island, choose a goodiebag and select your desired prize from the goodiebag.

Good luck, your possible loots are:

Sponsor Insignia

200x Minor Tyrannical Boxes

175x Minor Tyrannical Boxes

150x Minor Tyrannical Boxes

125x Minor Tyrannical Boxes

100x Minor Tyrannical Boxes

5x Boxes of The Tyrant

6x Boxes of The Tyrant

7x Boxes of The Tyrant

8x Boxes of The Tyrant

9x Boxes of The Tyrant

10x Boxes of The Tyrant

1x GRAND box of Tyranny

2x GRAND Box of Tyranny

3x GRAND Box of Tyranny

200x Minor Obsidian Boxes

175x Minor Obsidian Boxes

150x Minor Obsidian Boxes

125x Minor Obsidian Boxes

100x Minor Obsidian Boxes

5x Boxes of The Obsidian

6x Boxes of The Obsidian

7x Boxes of The Obsidian

8x Boxes of The Obsidian

9x Boxes of The Obsidian

10x Boxes of The Obsidian

1x GRAND Obsidian Box

2x GRAND Obsidian Box

3x GRAND Obsidian Box




Mysterious Goodiebag Loot Buff

Added New Boxes To Mysterious Goodiebag

Added New Keys To Mysterious Goodiebag

Removed Kinesis Boxes/Keys From Mysterious Goodiebag

Added Global Announcement For Mysterious Goodiebag Loot

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