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Primal - Ocean Bosses, Infinity Boss, 4 New Sets/Weapons, Vote Reward Buff, Golden Spade, Global Buff + MORE!


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New Login GFX



Ocean Mage

A new boss has been added!

To unlock this boss, you must spend 5B cash.

This new boss drops the ocean mage set!




Ocean Archer

A new boss has been added!

To unlock this boss, you must spend 5B cash.

This new boss drops the ocean ranger set!




Ocean Warrior

A new boss has been added!

To unlock this boss, you must spend 5B cash.

This new boss drops the ocean warrior set!




Ocean Mage Set + Staff

The ocean mage set is second to BIS and has 492K Magic Bonus, 530% Drop Rate, and 290% Double Drop Rate!



Ocean Ranger Set + Bow

The ocean ranger set is second to BIS and has 492K Range Bonus, 530% Drop Rate, and 290% Double Drop Rate!



Ocean Warrior Set + Scythe

The ocean warrior set is second to BIS and has 492K Melee Bonus, 530% Drop Rate, and 290% Double Drop Rate!



T9 Creation
You can create all Ocean items in T9!



Ocean Pets

New pets have been added for the ocean bosses.

Each pet has the following bonus:
- 35% Damage (in its combat style)

- 300% Drop Rate

- 185% Double Drop Rate




Infinity Mage Boss

A new boss has been added!

To unlock this boss, you must spend 100B cash.

This new boss drops the infinity set!




Infinity Set + Weapons

The Infinity set is BIS and has 1.5M Magic, Melee, and Range Bonus, 725% Drop Rate, and 400% Double Drop Rate!



T10 Creation

You can create all Infinity items in T10!



Infinity Pet

An Infinity pet has been added, obtainable from the new Infinity boss!
This pet has 55% Damage boost, 475% Drop Rate, and 325% Double Drop Rate.



Infinity Chest & Key

You can obtain Infinity keys as a drop from the new bosses!




Infinity Clue Scrolls

Infinity clue scrolls are obtainable from the new Infinity boss!



Dig on the southern passage, where worlds come together.

Dig here, at ::realm



Realmy needs your help to figure out something.

Talk to realmy at ::realm

Question: In which city does the Tour de France end?

Answer: paris


Marater ostf Enna

Talk to the Master of Entrana at the Entrana Raid


Blow a Raspberry while wearing External Shield and Nemesis Gloves


3080, 3250

Dig here, in Draynor



Infinity Caskets

Infinity Caskets are obtained from the Infinity clues




Infinity Slayer Master/Shop

A new slayer master has been added, that will assign the new ocean and infinity bosses as tasks.




Primal 1M Coins

You can now Withdraw 1M coins from the pouch!



Extreme Boss Shards

You can now buy Extreme Boss Shards from the Boss Store!




Vote Reward Buff

The reward you get from voting has been changed to the new Infinity boxes, including the UPGRADED reward!




Voting Medallion Loot Buff



Vote Streak Reward Buff

The vote streak rewards have been buffed!



Golden Spade

You can buy a Golden spade from the Skilling and Vote store.

This spade will auto-complete 100 clue scrolls for you, on dig steps.



New Achievements
New achievements have been added for all the new bosses, caskets, chests, and boxes!



New Dissolves

Dissolve prices have been added for:

- Demonized items

- External items

- Emporium items

- Heroic items

- Ocean items


Promo Item Buff

All Promo items have been buffed!

Scythe, Staff, Bow, Cape - 20% Better stats than Infinity

Wings, Amulet, Ring, Aura - Buffed 10% better than what they currently are



Slayer Serpentine Global Buff



Primal Warrior Global Buff



Other Updates

- Entrana raids will now teleport your entire party back to the raid lobby after killing the final boss

- Entrana raid will now give 1 key and an extra key for each member in your party, totaling up to a maximum of 6 keys per raid.

- The dungeon accessories have been removed from the Minigame shop

- You can now do ::convert with a Devout mystery box in your inventory to get the correct item that its supposed to be

- The mighty scaler boss has been removed

- You will now get extra scales when fishing, as your scaling level increases. It should be roughly 1 extra scale per 10 levels.

- Decreased the amount of slayer shards required to create heroic items

- YouTube reward has been changed to 2 Baby Release Boxes

- Evil Mage and Warrior NPC drop rates have been lowered to match the Evil Ranger

- The boost on the scrolls at the Overlord zone have been buffed from 6% to 40% damage

- The demon roulette minigame will now have a 2% chance to teleport you to the chest after killing the boss, to prevent botting.

- You will now get 5 vote points when claiming a vote



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