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Kingdom - Battle of The Kingdom Raid, Intense Devourer Boss, Intense Accessories, Voting Lottery + MORE!


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Login GFX



Battle of The Kingdom Raid

The Battle of the Kingdom raid can be unlocked by creating the Unlock scroll in t19 Creation



Teleport to the Raid will bring you here



Talk to King Belroot to form a party



The best boss that you have unlocked, will spawn

1 boss will spawn for each member in the party, and the boss that spawns is unique to the player



This bar will fill up, as your team deals damage to the bosses



Once the bar reaches full, each member in your party will receive 3-8 raid keys, depending on how many members are in your party

More members = more keys




Battle Chest & Keys

Keys are obtained from the new Raid




Artemis, Helios, Selene Accessories

These accessories are obtained from the new raid chest (Battle chest) as well as Intense caskets.

The bonuses on these accessories are the same as Tyrannical pieces, for their specific combat type.

Artemis - Magic

Helios - Melee

Selene - Range



T19 Creations

You can also create the new Artemis, Helios, and Selene accessories in T19 Creations



Intense Devourer Boss

A new boss has been added!


2052cd77ba7795faee6a4b505ae2042b.pngTo unlock this boss, you must spend 1M of the new BotK Shards. 2052cd77ba7795faee6a4b505ae2042b.png
These shards are obtained from the Battle chest.

We will review data in the first 48 hours of this update, and if players are not obtaining shards quickly enough, we will lower this requirement.

We decided to go a little easier on the drop rate, vs the last update we released.



Intense Devourer Pet

A new pet has been added!




Intense Clue Scrolls



Dig near the Al Kharid Bank.

Dig here in Al Kharid



The Player Owned Shop Manager seeks your guidance.

Talk to the Player Owned shop manager at home

Question: What is the square root of 78655?

Answer: 280


Cry while wearing Primitive Boots and Ominous Staff


iskeitlnees dria smrtea

Talk to the Telekinesis raid master


2757, 3480

Dig here in Camelot



Intense Caskets




Intense Accessories

The intense accessories are tribrid, and have the following bonuses:

- 104B Magic, Melee, Range Bonus

- 4900% Drop Rate

- 3750% Double Drop Rate




T20 Creations

You can create the new Intense accessories in t20 Creations!



New Achievements

New achievements have been added for the new boss, boxes, casket, chest and more!



Promo Buff

Promo items have been buffed significantly!



Launcher Announcement Fix

The game launcher now correctly shows updates



Voting Lottery

Every time you vote, you will receive 1 entry into the lottery!

You can then click the submit button to add entries to the lottery.

Any unused entries will be saved for the next week.

The winner of the lottery will receive $250 Store Credit that can be claimed on anything in the store.

The lottery is automatically drawn every 7 days.



Report Bug Interface

A huge problem across all realm servers has been bug report awareness, as there are way too many discord servers to look at all the bugs in each game. Due to this, it leaves multiple days where the bugs aren't reviewed. We have created a new idea that will send bugs to a centralized area for us to review them, and fix them. This will allow bugs to be fixed much quicker.

You can now click the Report Bug button in the chatbox (or type ::report) to open this interface.

Using this interface to report bugs is the quickest way for the developers to see the latest bugs in the game.

If you are a Centurion member, or a staff member, the bug reports are also emailed directly to the developers encase of an extremely urgent issue.

You can change the Report Bug button back to saying the server time by doing ::toggletime!



Live Game Cache Updating

If your client ever glitches out after an update, and items don't appear you can do ::cacheupdate to download only the latest updates.

Alternatively, we can do a command on players to force update their cache without them having to restart the client!



Well of Goodwill Adjustments

The coins required to fill the well of goodwill has been increased by x10



Global Buff

All global boss drop tables have been buffed!

Goddess of Creation



Box of Wonders


Voting Boss


Ravager General



Daily Task Reward Buff

Daily task rewards have been buffed for all difficulties, including the daily bonus!



New Voting Reward
You will now receive 2x Minor Intense boxes for voting, as well as the 20% upgraded box has been changed to the latest box!




Voting Streak Reward Buff



Tyrannical Overlord DR Update

The bosses drop rate has been lowered from 1/650K to 1/400K!



Update Interface Popup

When a new update is released, you will see an interface like this.

Clicking Read Updates will open the latest updates thread.

You will only see this interface one time/per account.



New Dissolves

Dissolves have been added for the following items:

- Obsidian accessories

- Atlas, Selene, Helios Accessories

- Mythic, Berserker. Archer Accessories

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