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CustomX Starter guide/Progression

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Custom X Zone guide/progression

To start your journey on Custom x, you want to decide which attack style you want to play as (melee, range or mage). All attack styles deal the same amount of damage so its entirely up to personal preference.

Once you choose your preferred style its on to the fun part of the server, dungeon crawling.

There are currently 6 dungeons on custom x. Jungle, Enchanted, Spectacular, Doom, Gilded, and Dream

The requirements to unlock each dungeon are as follows:

-Jungle: no requirement

-Enchanted: 250k coins

-Spectacular: 25m coins

-Doom: 750m coins

-Oblivion Raids: 250 slayer prestige

-Gilded: 500k Oblivion shards(raids)

-Dream: 2 Trillion coins

Each dungeon has 3 normal npcs based on each attack style (melee, range, mage) and 1 “final” boss which drops a tri-brid set for that dungeon.

Now that you have a little background on how the dungeons work, you have a couple different options on how to progress. You can either farm the style that you would like to play, and once you receive the entire set, you can move on to the final boss and farm the tri-brid set. OR you can do the less RNG dependent route, and grind out every npc for their sets, then upgrade to the tri-brid set using the evolving skill in your skilling panel.

Once you choose which way to progress to the final gear set, all that remains is unlocking the next dungeon. The final boss of each dungeon drops a larger amount of cash and evolving tokens than the normal npc’s so it makes the unlock and gear progression for the next dungeon easier.

I wish you luck on your journey and if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the clan chat and someone will gladly help you.

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