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Game-Mode Competition


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Realm-Wide Game Mode Competition



Hello everyone!

Welcome to the Realm-Wide Game Mode Competition!

The goal of this competition is to introduce a new & unique game mode to ALL Realm Servers!

We are reaching out to our community to make a fun and interactive event where our players can see their ideas come to life in our servers.

The participant with the BEST game mode suggestion will not only have their game mode added to our servers, but ALSO receive a $1,000 store credit to use on any server of their choosing!

How Do I Participate?

Brainstorm a new & exciting game mode we can bring to The Realm.

Your game mode needs to be well thought out and attractive to play.

Follow the rules you see below when brainstorming & fill out the form in a reply to this topic to be entered to win!


Your Game Mode CAN NOT include spawning items

Your Game Mode
CAN NOT include cross-realm trading

Your Game Mode
CAN NOT discourage traditional game play


Game Mode Name: 

Game Mode Restrictions (if applicable):

Game Mode Description: 


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Game Mode Name: Predators

Game Mode Restrictions (if applicable): 

*Includes only 3 lives for the whole team
*No infinity prayer (So you need to use prayer pots/restores)
*No using any kind of shops
*Bank like in GIM
*Low exp mode (30-40x)
*No trading other players (Only your teammates)
*If your lifes will run out , whole team will be permanantly deleted (All 4 accounts)
*Lower damage by 1.5x or 2x of normal damage (To be harder to do bosses and progress)
*No Instances to make it more difficult

Game Mode Description: 
So this gamemode can be played solo or with up to 4 players , get group of friends to compete in predator team progression.
Experience rates is lowered to get soulsplit harder , to get herblore exp to make restore potions , to get herbs by farming em.
You're whole team has 3 lives so don't be afk too much or you risk to lose lifes , if you lose all 3 lifes your team is eliminated from game and is fully deleted and all your progress is gone.
As I mentioned no instances , that means you have to do bosses one by one and gain gear harder , you can do that with your team to gather more dps or solo if ur teammates is offline.


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Game Mode Name: Realist

Game Mode Restrictions (if applicable): 

* Can only trade other realist players/realist POS

* Must progress through the boss zones in the intended order from top to bottom

* Can only donate for Bonds for rank

* Limited participation in server events and giveaways

* No Instances outside of Raiding

* XP rates are lowered by half of the base XP rates for normal players

* Must have another account that has 150,000 NPC KC OR $10,000 amount donated.

* Cannot participate in ::deals

Game Mode Description: A prestigious game mode where the game is meant to played as intended with little to no P2W aspects to create a more competitive playing field. A solo game mode where players can enjoy a fresh economy once again and compete to be the best on leaderboards or to become the richest Realist throughout the Realm. 

Benefits for players this game mode:

* An awesome and unique in-game badge next to their name in chat box

* Dry drop rates are halved in every boss zone from that of a regular player (Ex: 150k dry at pyro is guaranteed a drop, as a realist this would become 75k)

* Progression = Drop Rate bonuses; Every 50,000 NPC KC will result in a +10,000 droprate bonus to a maximum of +50,000 at 500k NPC KC. ---

--- Once achieving 500k NPC KC starting at 500,001 you will receive a +10,000 Double Drop rate bonus for every 250k NPC KC milestone on the way to 1 Million NPC KC (500,001-750,000-1,000,000) totaling a +30,000 Double Drop rate bonus.

* Reduced forge material cost when forging items above Tier 10 by 40-65% (amount to be discussed to find a proper balance)

* Pet Breeding would become 12 hours instead of the normal 24 hours and would see an increased chance to receive a rare companion when complete.

* If possible, would like to see a highscore board for stats and boss KCs for this game mode either in-game or on the website. 

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1 minute ago, Enough said:
Game Mode Name: Predators

Game Mode Restrictions (if applicable): 
*Includes only 3 lives for the whole team
*No infinity prayer (So you need to use prayer pots/restores)
*No using any kind of shops
*Bank like in GIM
*Low exp mode (30-40x)
*No trading other players (Only your teammates)
*If your lifes will run out , whole team will be permanantly deleted (All 4 accounts)
*Lower damage by 1.5x or 2x of normal damage (To be harder to do bosses and progress)

Game Mode Description: So this gamemode can be played solo or with up to 4 players , get group of friends to compete in predator team progression. Experience rates is lowered to get soulsplit harder , to get herblore exp to make restore potions , to get herbs by farming em. You're whole team has 3 lives so don't be afk too much or you risk to lose lifes , if you lose all 3 lifes your team is eliminated from game and is fully deleted and all your progress is gone.

Great idea! Nice one 😀

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  • Game mode name: Collection Logger (name can be different this is just what came up in my brain instantly)
  • Game mode restrictions: 
  • No trading
  • No selling to pos , buying from pos is allowed (makes it easier to obtain a rank etc) (bought items do not count towards collection log
  • Forging is limited to the boss thats unlocked (for making money aka crafting items and pawning them)
  • Can make use of ::shops
  • bosses are all locked unless previous boss collection log is completed 
  • Chests / boxes are locked and unlocked by unlocking corresponding boss and or tier
  • XP rates are the same an iron man
  • NO improved drop rates (same as normal player)
  • Game mode discription:
  • Must complete each collection log before proceeding to the next boss
  • each corresponding chest / box will be unlocked when proceeding to the next boss etc
  • Collection log completion rewards will be greatly improved compared to any other game mode

    (if im still allowed to add to this. This could also be a limited time mode for some sort of event where the first person to complete all collection logs (can be tweaked to however u guys prefer, my idea was to a certain tier since updates are regular ) gets some sort of instore credit or other type of reward, i must say this most likely wont work unless its a per server type of event and not realm wide )
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Game Mode Name: 




Game Mode Restrictions (if applicable):


  • No Trading or pos
  • No infinite prayer
  • Perma reverse damage
  • Soulsplit restrictions
  • Boosts to increase SS, DR benefits


Game Mode Description: 


Similar to ironman, but with an awesome twist.

Each player starts with reverse damage scroll (less hp = more damage), but in worse soul split healing effects. 


During your progression you can unlock ”demonic sacrifices” to boost your account for better soul split healing effects and higher dr bonuses.

Sacrifices can be;


  • Sacrificing full dungeon set (atorcoppe, astral w.e)
  • Completing a full collection log which will give you a token to sacrifice
  • X- amount of kills

There is a million ways we could implement new sacrifices.


You will start with soul split boost of negative 75% (f.e) and regular drop rate bonuses. Each ”sacrifice” you do will increase your soul split healing effects and dr multipliers. Once the SS healing effect increases, you lose some of your damage boost % to force you use more of your reverse damage system. 

 In basics, increasing your ss healing and dr multiplier, you will lose some of the damage boost %’s.


For example after completing 5 different sacrifices, you’d have damage boost of -5k% compared to ”regular” player, with soul split boost of 1x and 25% higher dr bonuses compared to regular player.  So, if you’d like to kill monsters more efficient you’d need to use the benefit of reverse damage scroll, otherwise the sacrifice for dr bonuses is less efficient. 



This game mode would give reverse damage scroll the attention it needs and motivate players that doesn’t find the 1/300k drop rates fun to grind. 


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  • Server Manager
Game Mode Name: BoxLover 

Game Mode Restrictions (if applicable): Iron man mode. Anything you drop will be voided right away. 

Game Mode Description: Tired of always waiting for those pesky drops? Bored of waiting for your 1/100k dry drop? Want to open boxes but your poor?
Well this gamemode is for you! In this game mode all weapon and armor drops are replaced with BOXES! YES YOU HEARD ME BOXES!

Boxes will be same tier as the boss you are killing.

Example rates.
1$ boxes will be 1/250
10$ Boxes will be 1/1750
50$ boxes will be 1/4000

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Game Mode Name: The Challenger

Game Mode Restrictions (if applicable):
• Only able to trade fellow "The Challenger" players
• Cannot pickup items from the floor
• No POS (or POS for The Challenger players only)
• Special The Challenger forge
• XP rate is low (same as Iron man)
• Bosses will be unlocked true previous boss kills OR with challenger coins
• No headstart with ::progress or standard achievements (So no massive amounts of boxes and keys)
• You start off with Beginner Challenger gear and need to work your way up.

Game Mode Description: 
This hardcore gamemode is for the true challengers!
The game mode focuses on skilling which you need to lvl up gear and buy stuff.

• It has it's own zone at ::challenger
- Here you will find the Challenger shop and some unique (or not) things to skill and also the Challenger Forge.
- Maybe even a unique Challenger quest like in all other donator zones.
- Challenger POS (if possible)
- Challenger skills (mobs). Kill these mobs for skill materials

• Forge you way to challenger BIS gear with the Challenger Forge! 
- A Challenger Forge will be added at ::challenger
- Normal gear will not effect your stats or droprate, BUT... Forge you challenger gear with gear drops and collect the all powerfull Challenger gear!
(Example: Ember staff + Challenger staff (clear/empty) can be combined in forge to make a Ember Challenger Staff) and so on with all gear sets and weapons.. 

• Special Challenger coins + Challenger shop!
- The only way to earn Challenger coins is through skilling (non combat) or the Challenger boss*
- With these coins you can buy Challenger (clear/empty) gear (Challenger gear with 0/low stats) and can forge
- You will earn extra Challenger coins through prestige

• Challenger Slayer!
- Slayer is (next to skilling) THE most important way to earn Challnger coins.
- Same as normal slayer but with challenger coins.
- (optional: Special Challenger slayer shop which will have Challenger Slayer gear which gives a big bonus when doing slayer)
- Teaming up will improve your rewards
• Challenger Boss!
- This boss will spawn at ::challenger and is for The Challanger players only.
- This boss will spawn every... (to determin.. maybe every hour or so? So every Challenger player around the world has a chance to kill it)
- This boss will drop the "Challenger Pet" And will be BIS pet for The Challenger players (extremly rare, like no joke, it's rare AF!)
- The Boss will drop Challenger coins and Challenger (clear/empty) AND (clear/empty)(e) gear (very rare) which has more stats then the normal Challenger (clear/empty) gear. It works the same as the Challenger (clear/empty gear) in forge but makes it all (e).
- This Boss will also drop instance coins and some other usefull stuff (like skilling materials and dr+ddr orbs etc)

Do you have what it takes to be a real Challenger?
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Game Mode Name: 
    Taskmaster Hunter/Grand Taskmaster Hunter

Game Mode Restrictions (if applicable):

    - No Trading outside of game mode
    - No POS
    - Normal XP Mode and Grand Taskmaster Mode (75% Reduced XP in exchange for 2x Damage boost and 50 DR/DDR)
    - Solo gameplay (Not Ironman) 

Game Mode Description: 

        - Mode is all about completing tasks to upgrade your gear, you will pick one of three base items 'Amulet of Souls' 'Ring of Souls' 'Bracelet of Souls'
        - These items will act as the foundation for your game play, as completing (x) amount of tasks will upgrade your equipped gear into the next tier as well as give unique bonuses
        - Drops on the account will be changed to souls, which empower your original selected item

 Starter Items; (Will go in cosmetic slots)
        Amulet of Souls:
            Unique Passive - All Souls collected will be doubled
            Unique Active - Activated by operating the item, For 10 minutes, Any drop obtained will give 3x amount as souls as normal. (30 minute cooldown)

 Ring of Souls:
            Unique Passive - Every task completed has a 15% chance to count as 2 completions
            Unique Active -
Activated by operating the item, For the next task, will guarantee count as 3 completion. (Cooldown of completing 5 more tasks of the same tier or better it was used on)
        Bracelet of Souls:
            Unique Passive - On kill, there is a 5% chance to gain 1 soul
            Unique Active - Activated by operating the item, For 1 hour, Every 1000 kills grant 20x the normal souls of that tier. (3 hour cooldown)

 Breakdown of Tasks and Tiers
        Tiers Progression:

            Tier 0 - 1; 1,000 Souls
            Tier 1 - 2; 2,000 Souls
            Tier 2 - 3; 3,000 Souls
            Tier 3 - 4; 4,000 Souls
            Tier 4 - 5; 5,000 Souls
            Tier 5 - 6; 75,00 Souls        
            Tier 6 - 7; 10,000 Souls
            Tier 7 - 8; 15,000 Souls
            Tier 8 - 9; 25,000 Souls
            Tier 9 - 10; 50,000 Souls

Tasks breakdown: (Souls awarded on completion)
                1000 Kills - 10 Souls
                2500 Kills - 25 Souls
                5000 Kills - 50 Souls
                1 Slayer Prestige - 10 Souls
                5 Slayer Prestige - 50 Souls
                10 Slayer Prestige - 100 Souls

                10,000 Kills - 100 Souls
                25,000 Kills - 250 Souls
                50,000 Kills - 500 Souls
                10 Rare Drops - 100 Souls
                25 Rare Drops - 250 Souls
                50 Rare Drops - 500 Souls

                100,000 Kills - 1,000 Souls
                250,000 Kills - 2,500 Souls
                500,000 Kills - 5,000 Souls
                1 Crazy Rare Drop (1/10,000 DR Base) - 500 Souls
                2 Crazy Rare Drop (1/10,000 DR Base) - 1,000 Souls
                3 Crazy Rare Drop (1/10,000 DR Base) - 2,500 Souls

                1,000,000 Kills - 10,000 Souls
                1 RNGesus Drop (1/100,000 DR Base) - 10,000 Souls

 Drop Tiers Soul Conversion:
            Tier 1 - 1/50 - 10 Souls
            Tier 2 - 1/250 - 25 Souls
            Tier 3 - 1/500 - 50 Souls
            Tier 4 - 1/1,000 - 100 Souls
            Tier 5 - 1/2,500 - 250 Souls
            Tier 6 - 1/5,000 - 500 Souls
            Tier 7 - 1/10,000 - 1,000 Souls
            Tier 8 - 1/25,000 - 2,500 Souls
            Tier 9 - 1/50,000 - 5,000 Souls
            Tier 10 - 1/100,000 - 10,000 Souls 

        Tasks will be randomly chosen after selecting a taskmaster to receive one from (Similar how slayer works) 
        Tiers can be expanded regularly, Increasing exponentially each future tier
        The Drops will be normal drops, allowing them to be traded between players of the same mode, and will only convert into souls after using the ::convert command
        You will not be allowed to equip any gear above your tier of your starter item, but you can dissolve higher tier items for souls to upgrade it

 How Pay to Win option will work: 
        This mode will not be exclusive to donations. The base game won't change much, it will allow people to donate for boxes and convert gear into souls to progress faster.
        When you ::convert on a promo item (or equivalent) You will receive the Grand versions of the starter items, that go in cosmetic slots as well. 
        The Grand variants of starter items all have the effect in which passives double and their actives have a 50% reduced cooldown.
        Effect will stack if you have multiple Grand soul items. So a player could technically have Grand Amulet of Souls, Grand Ring of Souls, and Grand Bracelet of Souls all equipped at once.
        However the base items will not be available for more than 1 per account. Possibly you could add a change option that would allow you to change.


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Disclaimer: This is not a game mode per say, rather a seasonal or recurring event that is relatable to a game mode. 



Game Mode Name: Leagues

Game Mode Restrictions (if applicable):

Not allowed access to bonds or to donate for any potential benefit to your character, barring a previously set donation amount. 

Not allowed access to shops excluding shopkeeper.

No trading other players via direct trade or POS. 

Drop rate is tripled.

XP is triple that of current normal game mode. 

Not allowed to skip boss areas before unlocking via league points. 

Trivia is disabled. 

Globals are disabled. 


Game Mode Description: 

Every League will have its own name pertaining to its server. For example, Astral will be called Astral League; Primal will be called Primal League, Etc. 

Leagues will be a once a month recurring game mode revolving around the completion of various tasks on time-limited servers with additional rules such as boss restrictions, inability to access shops or trade players, and inability to use donations to benefit your character. 

Leagues will last for 7 days and will be played on a unique, league-player only server. The game mode will be available at the beginning of each month. 

Every player in Leagues starts without stats or items and progress in the main game is not affected. Progress within a league does not carry over to the next league.

League points will be available to players by completing achievements. Each achievement will give a certain amount of league points and will allow the player access to further content; in particular, boss unlocks. Players can also spend League points on increase drop rate bonuses via a Leagues Point Shop, as well as Increase damage bonuses, Astral tokens and forging materials for Forging, and cosmetics. League points can be obtained through bossing, skilling, minigames, slayer, and raids. 

Each preceding boss must be unlocked before going on to the next. It is advised to invest an adequate amount of time on each boss before moving on to the next in order to progress efficiently, regardless of the number of current boss unlocks. 

(Potential Idea) There will be an ultra-rare drop for each boss. Each boss will have a chance to drop a random promo item to further benefit the player throughout the league. At the end of the league, the person with the most promo items equipped will come out ahead if there be a resulting tie. 

The goal of Leagues is to obtain the best possible gear. 

Each league will result in 5 winners consisting of 5 different prizes. The 1st place winner will be awarded a $300 store credit, 2nd place winner a $200 store credit, 3rd place a $100 store credit, and the 4th and 5th place winners will win $50 store credit.

(Potential Idea) Players will be allowed to donate $10, $20, or $50 for league points prior to the league starting in order to jumpstart their progress. 



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Game Mode Name: trailblazer reloaded

Game Mode Restrictions (if applicable):

Game Mode Description: the idea itself came across because im currently playing on original version of the game. but realms twist could be you would unlock areas by completing tasks. killing bosses hunting clues smithing ores gathering some components and each unlock reqs even harder tasks to be done. for the time while league going top 16 players would fight for survival and the one who wins would get some store credits? custom cosmetic champion item? it could be without stats just as cosmetic. this is original info about the game mode "Trailblazer Reloaded is a temporary gamemode with a unique ruleset that fundamentally changes the gameplay experience. Players begin with most regions of the game locked, but they are able to unlock new ones by completing tasks and accumulating points. At certain point thresholds, players are able to select powerful relics that affect skilling, combat, or provide extra utility. The league is based on the original Trailblazer League with many changes to the task list, relics, and the inclusion of new content."
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Game Mode Name: simplifier

Game Mode Restrictions (if applicable): NO TRADING , NO DROPPING , NO POS 

Game Mode Description: basically ironman with no item interactions with other players - 

only difference being that this mode is easier then all others where drops etc are concerned. you get the exact same gameplay and experience , you can still donate so server doesnt lose money etc.

box rates for good drop are better so instead of 1/9999 for a limited it would be 1/1999 kinda thing.

same as drop rates etc from all npcs are like 1/20k 

drops and crafting all have the same to create and dissolve. its basically just an easier version of the server but you cant trade. some people dont like grinding and leave

also they can buy items in shops for tripple the dissolve prices 



it shouldnt deter people from other game modes since some people like a grind and some dont , in effect its kind of like a xp change (easy or hard) only with drops and things that matter

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Game Mode Name: Survival+ Rebirth

Game Mode Restrictions (if applicable):
Iron Man mode (No trading players who are not Survival+.


Survival+ Rebirth

This game mode is pretty simplistic given that we already have Survival mode on Astral.

Same rules.
Three lives total.

The path is just a little bit different though. This game mode would be separated from main gameplay by introducing restricting trading outside the game mode and a new instance token only useable by Survival+ players. The point of the game mode is to really be a fast-paced super hard mode but rewarding at the same time.

The new instance token menu would look the same as the regular but with (HARD) bosses that hit much higher and with faster ticks. So hard and fast that even Soulsplit will have a hard time keeping you alive. What do you do? Starting out food will be an absolute must if you want to kill mobs for Survival points however later on, you'll find it easier to stay alive with Infinite Prayer Charms bought through the Survival+ Points Shop (we'll call the NPC "Mordred" for now).

Mordred will have plenty of uses outside of being a points shop.

Prestige (Rebirth) menu

Instead of the normal way of collecting and claiming bonds to do donator zones there will be a prestige/rebirth menu where you'll be able to spend points to increase your damage, dr, ddr, and tdr.

Points Shop

This shop would include items like Charms, Forging Materials, Golden Spade, Adventurer's Potion (overload with slightly lowered stats),
Survivalist's armor set. Legend's weapon set. (Cosmetic sets that boost your stats by 20%)

Points for this shop will be gained from just about everything you do. Killing mobs, voting, globals, skilling, prestiging, and even for just being online (similar to Loyalty Points).

The goal? The same as it's ever been. Stay at the top of the leaderboards; A winner could be chosen at a set date every week and leaderboards are reset and accounts are wiped. The next challenge becomes harder by removing an essential item from gameplay and forcing players to do some other tasks to get an alternative.


Players will be judged upon multiple factors in this game mode. Leaderboards will consist of most mobs killed, most wealth generated, most non-combat skills leveled, most survival points total gained.


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Gamemode Name: Runic

Gamemode Restrictions: None

Gamemode Description:

Runic accounts will have a similar progression as normal game mode accounts. The one distinction will be that there will be a new game object at home that only Runic game modes can interact with.

This object will be called the Runeforge. Runic accounts can open this interface which will have a slot icon in the center, a smaller icon to the right of it, a box of ingredients below it, and a Forge button below it.

Runic accounts will also have access to a new minigame that only they can access that will reward them with ingredients needed to use the Runeforge.

The Runeforge will be used to enhance items: Ex: Eldergrove Staff -> Eldergrove Staff +1 - This new Runeforge will give the item a +5% dmg bonus. This can stack all the way to +9 and can be used on any piece of gear. However - each tier of Runeforging will get more expensive, and have a lower chance of success. Enhance stones can be used to increase the success rate of the item itself.

Further expansions of this game mode can include either a new interface for enhancing items to add dr, ddr, or tdr to items, or using the same Runeforge interface and expand it.

These newly enhanced items can be traded and sold to other players, thus further incentivizing gameplay on this game mode. Items on the store can be purchased such as Enhance Stones, or even future expansions of this game mode to include chests with rare inscriptions for further damage bonuses, dr, ddr, or tdr.


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