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Xarczy for moderator


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What is your In-game name?:


What time-zone are you in?:

( Est)

What is your discord tag?:


Are you Going to take the Staff Position seriously if so, please explain how you intend to do to show you are taking it seriously?:

Yes. I am active and try to help out at every opportunity I can, helping out new people and see them smile , my pm's are always open for people to message me or ask questions 

Do you have a good amount of RSPS Experience? If so how much?:

I have been around the RSPS games and players for 8 years now, so I know how to deal with most people.

How many hours can u be Online daily?:

I usually am online most of the time unless I am I school or hanging out with friend, so i would say im online about 5-10 hours at a time somedays.

Tell us why will you be a good choice as a staff team?:

I have a part of the realm server for a great  of amount time now, i have been apart of customx, delrith, and genesis, I think everyone around here would love to see me around the server helping. 

Tell us in three sentences what will you do as a staff member?:

Keeping a positive environment for everyone. I will be sure that no one waits more then 2 minutes of asking so many people for help. Be there for everyone who needs help with stuff in-game or on the discord. I will help with everyone around the server and maybe some game problems make it a happy place for the players and the other staff 

Tell us more about yourself:

hello, my name is bryicson, I am 18 years old, I like to play games, talk to people, make people happy, and I love to see people smile. I live in Ontario, Canada. Everyone who knows me loves me and everyone who don’t just don’t love me yet.


Staff Vouch (Any Current Staff Member Who Vouches For You):  Alpha

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