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The Jr. Centurion Club


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Junior Centurion Club
Centurion Club Information

This club start date is: January 10th, 2024

Welcome to the Junior Centurion Club!

The Junior Centurion Club is a prestigious group of individuals across The Realm Community. These individuals have gone above and beyond with their support of The Realm Community and because of this, have been granted access to this VIP Organization. Within this club, these individuals receive special benefits such as free daily codes, store credit giveaways, VIP events & more! Being a member of this club is the only way to receive an official Centurion Invitation after being sponsored by an honorary Centurion.

Being a member of this club is both an honor and a benefit. This club will allow you to play all current and future
Realm Servers without having to start at square one. With the daily giveaways & free items, this club will make it near impossible to not give all of our servers a try. Not only will you receive privatized giveaway opportunities but we also offer private events for club members. These events can span from a goodie-bag to drop parties to even out-of-game events ran by managers of the club. 

All invitations to this club are via private contact. You will be contacted both via
Email & Discord with an invitation to the private Jr Centurion Club Discord where you will need to confirm your account(s). Within this discord server is where you will gain access to all of the benefits this club has to offer.

Requirements To Be Invited:

- Actively Play A Realm Server or Several Realm Servers

- Positive Community Standing Among The Server(s) You Play

- Donated $1,000 Across The Realm In A 90 Day Period

- Frequently Voting For The Server(s) You Play

- No Major Punishments/Infractions Received In A 90 Day Period

Becoming An Official Centurion

Once you have gained access to the Jr. Centurion Club, you will need to be a member for at least TWO MONTHS before attempting to ascend to becoming an official Centurion. An ascension of a Jr. Centurion Member to an honorary Centurion will be a massive deal in both clubs. For this to happen, a Jr. Centurion must be sponsored by an honorary Centurion. Once a Jr. Centurion has received a sponsorship, they can put a request in for an ascension. If approved by management, an ascension will take place and this individual will be inducted to the Centurion Club


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