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Beginner's Guide


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This guide will get you well on your way on your journey with us here on Astral. 



Vote, claim vote streaks
::refboard, open boxes
::forge an 8x8 aoe shard 
::supremezone scrolls  (Buy 3-5 droprate from bond point shop, dissolve them by shift clicking and go to inscriber at ::supremezone to make your scrolls, this will bypass actually doing the zone)
::ultimatezone (a long grind, but worth it, the overload boosts your damage significantly.) 




Upon logging into Astral, the first thing is to ::vote. You can vote every 12 hours. After voting you'll do ::claim and claim your votes, this will let you claim your votes and gives you access to ::streaks which will provide you with some boxes, OP keys, bonds and other really nice things all for about 20 seconds of your time.


Claiming Votes


Claiming ::Streaks


Next, you're gonna wanna go through the ::refboard and claim as many as you can and start opening boxes. These boxes will give you gear and get you started for the game. As well as giving the collectors benefit and a free $10 donator rank. Having that $10 rank allows you to ::bank or use ctrl + b to access your bank, while almost anywhere on Astral. As you're opening boxes, you will gain achievements which can be claimed for more boxes
in your achievement menu.





Claiming Achievements


After opening your boxes and claiming achievements, you'll have a ton of keys to use. Most of which can be used at ::chests some at ::raids and some that can be dissolved into caskets which can be opened for cash.



Before you start killing npc's I would recommend getting soul split, so you don't really need food while you start killing monsters. but even in the event that you die, you won't lose your items, you can just go back and keep grinding. Collecting your own bones might be a small task, but it won't take you long. Here on Astral, we have a lot of helpful players, and if you advertise trying to buy some, chances are, someone will just give you them. 

Next stop before actually killing monsters by the mass, is to forge an AoE Shard. This can be done at T1 Forging which can be accessed by using the ::forge command. Just select the base 3x3 and upgrade from there. This item will give all of your weapons AoE damage, which will be very important for killing monsters and completing your ingame progression. 


Forging the AoE Shard



::progress is the next thing on your list of to-do's ingame. The ::progress system is made to help new players catch up to everyone else, and will provide you with gear sets, boxes and other helpful things as you continue your way through the game. Each task you complete in your progress will reward you with more gear and boxes. Until the very end when you claim the ultimate prize of 10 damage boosting scrolls for your account. The fastest way to complete your progress is by using the Instancing System. Instance Tokens are obtained through PVM Boxes (you will get these from just killing monsters) and from the Trivia Point shop. 


Trivia Point Store



When doing trivia, the rewards for placing are:

500 points for First

350 Points for Second

250 Points for Third

150 Points for Fourth. 




The bonds that you will receieve from ::progress will allow you to access many of the Donator Zones. 



Once you have completed the progress, or if you want to take a break from progress, you can do the donator zones. 

The first and easiest one to do is going to be the ::supremezone, because you can pretty much just skip all of the mechanics of the zone and get the rewards. You'll do this by going to the Bond Point Store (Located at ::shops), and buying 3-4 of the Drop rate boost scrolls. Once you buy the, you're going to want to dissolve those into Uninscribed scrolls. 

Bond Point Shop and Dissolving


You'll then go to ::supremezone and run straight east to the inscriber, where you will make the scrolls for your account. The scrolls do have a high rate of fail, and you can receive duplicate scrolls, but you can dissolve those duplicates for more uninscribed scrolls in order to keep going. 





You can claim the following numbers of scrolls:

1x Extreme Damage, Extreme Exp, and Extreme Drop rate
1x Exp Scroll
10x Damage Scroll
200x Drop Rate Scroll

It is not super important to get the 200x drop rate scrolls, so prioritize getting the other ones first.

The next grind you're gonna wanna do is the ::ultimatezone overload. You'll teleport here after you obtain the Ultimate Donator rank, which you should get from your ::progress

You'll have to thieve the stalls for vases, and then break them on the furnace until you receive an Ultimate Axe.

Thieving stalls



Breaking the vases: 




From there, you'll need to chop 3000 Ultimate Logs (the absolute longest part of this zone)



You'll then burn the logs on  the first in the southeast area of the zone, this should take about 20 or so minutes



Then cool them in fountain to the west. Once you have cooled them, they can be used for currency in the store to the west of the fountain.




Purchase your Infinite Overload, and then use the ::forge command to forge it into the Extreme Overload. This is a 24 hour overload and is a massive boost to your account. 





Finally, the pet grind. Pets are a great way to boost your damage, they require killing certain npc's the specified amount of time in the ::pets menu. Once you get your pet, you'll be in a good spot to do most of the content in game. 






This should put you in a pretty good spot to begin grinding for gear and progressing further into the game. Happy gaming, and welcome to Astral!

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