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Archeology Guide


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Archeology is a relatively easy skill.


All you need is a spade to start, and use of the teleport page!

In the chatbox, you will see an announcement for an artifact spawn in a specific town.



After you see the announcement for the artifact spawn, you'll have to teleport there.


As soon as your in the city limits, you can use your spade to dig in any spot, to receive a roll for archeology rewards.




The following rates are the chances for the drop table.

Common : Bronze Claw

Uncommon (1/10) : Sapphire Bracelet

Rare: (1/50) : Ruby Statue

Super Rare (1/100) : Emerald Statue

Each artifact can be returned to Mandrith at home to redeem its corresponding Reward Shard.

You  can choose a reward you would like from a list of useful and valuable items.





Congratulations, you've started your journey to 150 Archeology.



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