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A Wild Llama Appears!


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Hey guys and gals,
Your friendly furry Llama here! I have been apart of the RSPS community around 10+ years. Travelled across the globe of RSPS making friends as I go. Back in 2008 - 2009 I actually ran a server with two friends from around the world, one was in the UK and the other in Canada. This was the era of very low budget, classic 614 style of play. Before I knew custom servers existed.

One day I thought its time to clip clop out of my paddock and venture out and experience custom servers. Once I did, I never turned back! I finally found a place in the RSPS community in custom servers. Everyone was different and unique, with bosses from other universes.

Then all of a sudden, I saw a bright light on the distance that was calling me. I heard things about such a place called "The Realm" But I thought it was only a story, neigh a Myth! Until one day, there it was. At the tip of my finger tips. Dare I tread on sacred ground? I said yes! So I downloaded The Realm and there it was.. Like our great astronauts with there Apollo, I took the leap. One small step for man and one giant leap for Llama kind.

I found my home with you guys, I can't wait to grow with all of you. Thank you for letting this old Llama find a home!

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