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Centurion Club Program


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D34WaJ4.gif The Realm Centurion Club Program D34WaJ4.gif




Program Information

The D34WaJ4.gif Centurion Club Program D34WaJ4.gif is a special, invite only program that we offer here at The Realm


This invite only program is gifted to our most loyal supporters of Realm Servers.

Through this program, the top supporters of any given server are gifted a Centurion Rank


The only way to gain access to this club is through a privatized invite. You must first become a member of the Jr. Centurion Club. Once you have obtained a sponsor from an official Centurion - you will be asked to join the Centurion Club.

Centurions enjoy the most prestigious luxury experience offered. As an official Centurion, you join a very small group of like-minded, active individuals who participate in leading the direction of The Realm.

The Centurion Club has a separate discord server that is invite only, where weekly giveaways & store credit claims are offered across The Realm servers. This discord also has a personal concierge - to handle any Centurion Club Member issues with the utmost urgency. The personal concierge also holds weekly meetings with Centurion Club Members to address any issues, concerns or complaints that these members could have about the servers they play on The Realm.





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