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Foe's introduction


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I think across my time online I've only done, what, like maybe three introductions? I have to admit too that some of them were pretty cringe but hey, we learn, right? Anyways, my name is Foe.

I've been playing RSPS's for a long time. It started of course with Runescape but I didn't have the time nor the attention span to focus on the game long term. The first time I discovered a better way was through videos on Youtube where people would show off their banks full to the brim with thousands of rares and what not. So I did some digging and found out that not only do these cheat clients let you do whatever you want; you could also use them to play on servers hosted by other people. I always had the silabsoft client site bookmarked on my browser once I discovered how to connect easier to these servers. Over those years I was staff across many different servers small and large but now I've taken a backseat and just enjoy playing as a normal player.

I was decided on The Realm because of how new user friendly it was and have since stayed because of how fun and inviting the community is. Everyone helped me get on my feet and offered so much help that it was hard to find a reason to NOT play. Whenever I want to go do something else or go to bed I get caught up in grinding or having good conversations and it just keeps the addiction going. I still have yet to decide if it's a good addiction but hey, I'm having fun, so who cares right?

But, anyways, thanks for reading if you did. Even if you skimmed, that's cool too, I'm just glad you're here. You're awesome.


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