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Coliseum's Question Expansion + Quest 1


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Coliseum's Questing Expansion

    This is a farfetched idea, but I will still proceed to go into amazingly great lengths of detail.
    Basically this will intend to be a multi part quest line similar to recipe for disaster, but also have several pre-quests + post-quests

            A new system - Questing
            5-7 New quests that intertwine with each other
            Intense detail with ideas and content that has never been on the realm, or any server for that matter
            1 Master level quest, that will replace the difficulty and length of the full RFD questline
            1 Grand Master level quest, that will include every aspect of the server to complete, as well as much new proposed content
            Story line that makes sense, and can later be expanded on
            Untradeable rewards that will help players progress through the server as well as next quests in the succession
            Minigame that is only accessible through finishing the questline

From this point forward I will now loosely give a give a description of the quest, what would be needed to complete the quests, and some rewards that could be expected for completing each quest. After the basics I will go into more intense detail and begin to start to write a story line
1.) From the Beginning - Coliseum's Past
    The goals;
        To Find the Excalibur class weapon, in which will be used to progress the quest line.
        Learn about the past of Coliseum.
        Learn about the potential danger that may arrive.
        Defend Coliseum from a minor invasion.
    Ideas on execution;
        Scavenger Hunt to find the Excalibur class weapon.
        Monologues and History story about what coliseum is and what it means to be a part of it.
        Description on who threatens the relative peace of the server, and their reasoning for it.
        An event where a wave system of monsters attack, can do solo, or invite 1-2 friends to conquer together.
    Reward preview;
        Ability to wield Excalibur class weapons in cosmetic slot, for bonus DR/DDR
        Excalibur class weapon - Blue/Rare - Choice of Staff/Bow/Sword - Will be used in future quests, and in current for invasion
        X amount of cash, rewarded by King Prophet
        1 - 3 Experience lamps that give a little amount of EXP in the custom skills (10,000-25,000)
            All rewards will be untradeable (Except cash obviously)

        The ancestor of the Legendary King Arthur, King Prophet, Has some dire news to share with the people of coliseum.
        A devastating opponent has been lurking in the shadows and his followers are secretly planning to ressurrect the beast, that was thought to be long defeated by King Arthur himself.
        With a small glimmer of hope, the staff team has been made aware of these movements and now, We need your help to prevent disaster.
        King Prophet, has announced an expedition to search for the one of the weapons of legend. An Excalibur class weapon, that has the power to destroy evil.
        Before you accept, you learn of the history of this land. And the Disasters that once frightened all in existence.
        Many, many, years ago, long before the existence of the kingdom, known as the realm, was created. King Arthur had ruled.
        He, along with his followers, sought peace, and for a time it was granted.
        But when peace came, so did those who protested the rule of King Arthur.
        Although a good ruler, some had their own intentions to rule the land.
        So they devised a plan to summon a beast, a beast like never before, such a beast could only be described as a Black Hydra.
        This hydra had some more distinct features, each head of the hydra was that of a legendary and mythical dragon that once dominated Runescape.
        It had four heads, The head of Elvarg, The head of Vorkath, The head of Galvek, and the head of the King Black Dragon himself.
        Mysteriously all of the heads where black in color instead of the normal, green, blue, red, and black.
        As well as having a purple aura surrounding the beast, that gave simply, ominous vibes.
        As terrifying as a beast, King Arthur had to stand to face this creature, for the peace of land.
        After many expeditions and countless lives lost, he manages to stand alone and defeat the beast. 
        But at what cost? He secured peace for generations, and made sure this threat could never arise again, or so we thought...
    Obtaining the weapon;
        King Prophet, has an ancient scroll of how to obtain one of these Excalibur class weapons, but only recommends the bravest and strongest take on this task.
        Will you be apart of the saviors? To unlock the gilded chest that holds these weapons, keys were scattered, to maintain balance, find them and its yours.
        To open, you will need to present one of each key: Forbidden, Coliseum, Cipher, Insidious, Character, and Ultimate key.
    After Obtaining the weapon;
        After news of the plans of the opposition spread, they got word themselves, in order to foil the plans and prevent the adventurers from hindering their progress, they have sent an invasion                force! 5 of Elite members are sent to Coliseum, as well as 20 of their armed forces for backup.
        Run it solo, or invite a few friends to stop the invasion.
        Use the weapon you received for a major damage boost against the Elite members.
        Fend off these invaders to complete the quest, and work with King Prophet to stop the resurrection of the beast in future quests.
Quest complete!
King Prophet hands out rewards to those who successfully helped defend Coliseum.

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