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Coliseum - Dominion Raid ~ Boost Accessories/Pets ~ 2 New Variable Bosses ~ Boost Scrolls & MORE!


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Magma Variable Boss

The Magma Variable boss spawns after 4,000 magma have been caught.



Upgrading Variable Boss

The Upgrading Boss (Cloud) spawns after 200 items have been upgraded.



Well of Goodwill

Coins can now be donated to the Well of Goodwill at home and the benefits have been adjusted!




Dominion Raid

A new raid has been added called the Dominion Raid!

The purpose behind this raid is to help you fly through boss killcounts faster, with your friends!


To start this raid talk to Dominion

To unlock this raid you must have completed 250 Insidious Raids.



A boss will spawn for every member of your party.

The boss that spawns will be the next boss your working on in your progression.

For example, if you need to kill 400 revival warriors to unlock the Enchanted Demon it will spawn a revival warrior for you.

There can be up to 5 members in your party, so it can spawn up to 5 bosses.

AOE CAN be used in this raid!



The bar in the top left corner is what determines when a Dominion key will be given to your party.

When the bar reaches 100%, a key will be given to every member in the party.

Members do not need to restart the raid to continue. The bar will reset itself and you can work towards the next key.



Dominion Chest

The Dominion Chest is at home.

The coliseum chest is now located south of home in the Coliseum Arena.



The rewards in this chest are very similar to the Insidious Raid.

The unique items are:

- Dominion Cosmetic Pieces (Rare)

- +10 KC Scroll (Common)



Dominion Cosmetic Set

The dominion set gives cosmetic slot bonuses. 

It is obtained from the Dominion chest.

- 15% DR

- 10% DDR

- 10% Damage



5% Bonus Scrolls

4 new scrolls have been added that give 5% bonus and are stackable up to an amount of 5!

- Drop Rate Scroll

- Double DR Scroll

- Experience Scroll

- Damage Scroll

These scrolls can be purchased in the Ultimate Slayer Shop and Raid Shop!



+10 KC Scroll

The +10 KC Scroll will determine what killcount your currently working towards on your progression path and add 10 kills to it.

This will not affect pets, achievements, or ::progress!

These scrolls are obtained from the Dominion Chest.




Magma Mystery Box

Magma Mystery Boxes are obtained from the new Magma Variable Boss.

There's LOADS of magma in this box!



Magma Partyhat

A new Magma Partyhat has been added that will give 3x Magma when doing hunter.

This partyhat is untradeable and provides no other bonuses or benefits




Farming Thieving

You can now pickpocket the farmer for various seeds!



Boost Pets

These new BOOST PETS are obtained from the CRYPT RAID !

They spawn behind your first pet and offer 20% account bonuses in their respective boosts!



There is also a perfect version that can be UPGRADED that offers 50% IN ALL CATEGORIES !



Boost Amulets & Rings


These new items are obtained through our all new Dominion Raid !

These items all give 20% Boosts in their respective bonuses & the Perfect version is a combined boost of 50% To ALL Categories !



You will need to obtain all of the rings or amulets to create the Perfect Versions ! !



New Daily Benefits

The daily benefits have been moved around!

Monday - 5% Magic Damage

Tuesday - 5% Range Damage

Wednesday - 5% Melee Damage

Thursday - 10% Double DR

Friday - 10% Drop Rate

Saturday - Double Experience

Sunday - Double Experience


Box of Enormous Spoils

This new box is available on the store for $10



Other Updates

- Crystallization XP has been buffed by 10%

- Crafting XP has been buffed by 10%

- Crypt Raid has been removed from all Daily tasks except Elite

- Added arrows to the map at the Cipher minigame

- Fixed elder ring item info in item list

- Fixed Super Infinite Prayer & Super Damage Potion Timers

- Made it to where a players lever room keys are removed from their inventory amongst completing the raid

- Added a message upon examining monsters that don't have a dry rate so that players can easily see what their killcount is.

- Fixed Achievement rewards for certain achievements not showing

- Made the Ultimate Luck reward give 50% drop rate boost

- Fixed Insane Drop Chance perk not giving drop rate

- Removed Extra Ultimate Luck Reward drop from the Galactic Demon drop table.











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