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Stromy.... Not Stormy XD


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The one and only STROMY!!!


Whats up everyone, stromy here, yes its spelled correctly.

Been playing rs since basically came out, if that says my age oooo well. switched to custom servers when my main got sold by my brother.

Basically i work to much then spend too much on realm servers, which makes me work even more..... worth it? iv been playing prophets servers since the beggining of the first gondor! also a mod on customX. have logged way tooo many hours. 

Besides rsps life, im a jack of all trades. so i like to do alot of different projects, if you ever wanna see any just ask 😛 these can range from computer building, 3d modeling (some of my work is in customX), wood working, rebuilding cars, misterfix it for people who cant afford things in my area. and a decent cook. 


well its nice to meet you all! say hi if you see me in game!


love you all ❤️


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