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Wubby introduction


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Hello my name is Wubby,

I am from the netherlands and i am 28 years old in my free time i like to bike around got a nice yamaha r1 2022 it makes me feel free been riding for around 7 years now. My advice to everyone start getting yourself a bike best choice of my life.  I am a father of 6 kids (as a job) i work as a foster parent for the last 8 years i have been doing this job. I have had a total of 18 kids so if you cannot handle your kids hit me up 😄. My job is my life basically i mainly take care of childeren out of war zones that have lost their parents due the war. Most of the childeren come from palistine/syria/ukraine lately and are around 12-21 years old.  I like to chill behind my desk in my spare time and play rsps's mainly custom ones. And some shooters like call of duty is always fun to play aswel. 


Besides that i just have finished my footbal coaching licenses 2 of the 8 😞.. (soccer for the usa people) I am hoping one day i can make a living out of it by a big club. I mainly train the youth not adults i see them as the future at all times. Been doing this for the last 3 years. 

You can see me online all day but some times i can just afk cause of my work. I work 24/7 basically so excuse me if i do not respond towards your messages ingame. 

I started this server today and hoping to meet some of you all ingame do some content together maybe. Pretty new around here i would love some advice and help around. 


Nice to meet you all.

greetings Wubby 

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Another dutchie , #dutchrspstakeover 
I love the dedication & love it takes to be a foster parent so nice to see good people are still out there pouring good into the world however they can.
love to see you in-game on any realm server ! ( I mainly play apollo)

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