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Twisted Wolf is here!

Twisted Wolf

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So, here we are. Back on a forum, which I am very happy about! (Still love Discord though)

So my name is Twisted Wolf, DiscordWolf or you can just call me Matt/Matthew.

Im 29 at present, live in England and I am currently a supervisor working within the Learning Disability and Autism sector.

Ive been playing RSPS since almost as long as I have been playing Runescape itself. Two servers from the past will always stick in my mind.

  • Frugooscape, where you could create POH and place any objects you want. I was actually pretty famous on there because of the efficiency I would provide at my house parties 😛
  • Unscape, the first server I ever played where gear had different stats. I remember that any phat, black g platebody and white platelegs were the best in slot, and it made me love the creativity and openness that you could have in an RSPS


I am an open book, so if anybody else actually wants to get to know me more, feel free to message me on Discord 🙂❤️ 

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