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A new type of event/minigame - The Royal Heist


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Jonny has left the door open to a major glitch in the system, time to take advantage and bring home the loots! But there is a catch only the fastest 3 players to clear the maze can keep the rewards they earned during the escape! Will you go for the jackpot of loots, or get away faster, the choice is yours but, it may cost you!

This will be a new type of event or minigame based around the Runescape's random event - The Maze - Where the mysterious old man would teleport the player in to a maze area and the faster you complete it the bigger the rewards.

To build on that idea, players would either be teleported to an area after x amount of time that resembles the maze or be teleported into their own instanced area, but there would be chests throughout the location that you could get various goodies similar how dig event works. The catch is only the top 3 players who finish the maze get to keep the rewards they earn!

This would be a high paced manic minigame, in either version of shared or instanced the player has to decide to go big or go fast, but either decision is up to them.

How I envision it would be set up:

     Prophet, Ceredoris, or whoever else was hosting event would input items that they wish to be randomly distributed throughout maze chests

     Higher valued items could be more difficult to obtain or more "Out of the way" areas

     The radius could be set to give an area of where the player spawns, Example 100x100 would scatter the player randomly on the map at the edges of the maze

     The first 3 players who reach the center orb, claim the loot they earn during the event, and the event would then end immediately after the 3rd player clicks the center orb


Any feedback or suggestions on this idea is welcomed as always. It would server as both a competitive loot event as well as a automated race.





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I absolutely love this idea and it would be so much better than the current dig events and they could input more valuable items for the taking since only the fastest 3 walk out with rewards so either you loot 3-4 chests on your way to the middle and get out first or you try your luck by trying for a few more out of the way chests but risk losing it all by not being too fast. It will come down to player decision and skill rather than random lucky digs in a set area.

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