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Faethe's Intro


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Faethe's Introduction


Hello my in-game name is Faethe, although I originally made my debut into The Realm as a competing Group Ironman in the on-going GIM Competition under the username Faetheless. I have unfortunately withdrawn from the competition and began to focus on my main account and focused more on progression and enjoying the game with friends. With all that said I would like to further introduce myself and help everyone get to know me better. I am currently 26 years old and will be 27 on April 8th this month, I am male and about 5'9 in height.

RSPS & Gaming

I have played RSPS for about 15+ years on and off again and have held many different aliases over the years. I have been in every RSPS position there is including a short time when I was an Owner back when I actually ran my own server in 2011. I currently only play Coliseum, but I also have a Group Ironman on OSRS that I often times return to when the mood strikes me. Outside of computer games, I also play a wide variety of games on my PS5 in my downtimes with the most usual games being Rust: Console Edition, Fortnite, Conan Exiles, Rocket League, Apex Legends, and occasionally I re-download Warzone before uninstalling it again within 15 minutes because of cheaters. I also enjoy classic video games every once and awhile and I still own a Nintendo64 and own many of the big name games for it such as Zelda, Super Mario64, Super Smash Bros., Banjo-Kazooie, etc. 

Lifestyle & Other Hobbies

I live a pretty simple lifestyle day to day. I work 5-6 nights a week as a Security Officer (yes I work the graveyard shift), and come home to rest in the mornings. My days usually starts around 12:30-1:30PM by taking my dogs for a walk and sharing a lunch time with them as we all get ready to enjoy our afternoon together. After lunch I can usually be found cleaning the house and tidying up any messes from my 2 new puppies Cyrus and Apollo as well as lunch as they are all messy eaters. I usually wind down from our busy start to the day around 3PM and choose between the gym or going on a walk through my local nature trails. Depending on which I choose I am either home ready for another walk with my lovelies or dinner which I also share with my little dog pack before getting ready for work that night. As mentioned above some of my hobbies and things I love to do in my daily routine are: Exercising, Hiking, Cooking, and Gaming. I also enjoy movies, concerts, and really anything that can get me out of the house and having a good time. 





Simba, Zeus, and Melo (in that order)

The 3 stooges


I hope some of this as helped you learn a bit more about myself. I wish to continue my amazing journey here in The Realm and get to make some amazing friends along the way. If you ever see me in-game I am always open to conversation and would love to meet you or if you just wanna say hi; my discord is always open at Lucid_gaming#3863. Thank you for reading my introduction I look forward to the adventures to come within this amazing community!

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9 minutes ago, Froggers said:

Loving the green text, feeling the vibes! And I did reply back to you in game, I said in bottom right of post, there should be a button called insert image from url, but I exposed you anyways for cappp 🙂 

I love all things green because I love nature. My username being FAEthe isn't by coincidence. I love all things mythical and fantastical including Fae folklore which is strongly based in nature and the creatures inhabiting it. In regards to the reply; sorry I never got to see it. I work nightshift as explained in my introduction and I rely on a spotty hotspot mobile network to play while I am at work so I often disconnect in-game which deletes all chat history when I relog. Was an honest mistake I apologize 🙏

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