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Red Flippers' introduction

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Dear Realm community!


Hello everyone, I am Red Flippers or as some of you may know me flafffy. I've been in private servers' scene since 2009 from the days of Xat chatbox. My first experience with Realm community was back in 2019, the very first day when Apollo launched, by then I went by name Iron Ba and grinded that Ultimate Ironman gamemode. Been a long way and I'm actually very happy to see Realm grow both servers and playerbase wise. Over the years I've gone through tens if not hundreds of different private servers but Apollo and Genesis were always the ones what brought me back, it just felt like home if we talk about gaming.


In private server communities I've been beta tester, bug tester, different kind of ranks from server support up to administrator and even graphics designer and modeler. In total I've made only few models for custom servers, they were fun side projects but not my thing in the long run. What comes to graphics design then it felt more of a something I'd actually enjoy, I used to do a lot of different signatures for forums. I'll post couple of pictures of my previous works below here as well.


In personal life I'm currently a student in TalTech University in Tallinn and studying software development. I've studied dentistry for 2 years but had to quit due to health issues so I went to study something in IT. So far I've worked with Python, Java, C#, C++ and some web development languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript. To be honest, I find C++ the most fascinating and outstanding of them all. It took me more than a year to find what I like and I still have managed to narrow it down to 2 different paths, one is Cyber Security and other one is Game Development, but I hope that time will tell which is more suitable for me.


As a hobby I go to the shooting range from time to time and shoot air rifle and small-bore rifle in which I used to belong to the national team and perform on professional level, but nowadays it's just a neat hobby to break out of the routine. I also like to go for a run, cook some new dishes and try out new flavors and read biography books.


















Yours sincerely,

Red Flippers / flafffy #8036

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