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Armor Trimming/Gear Slot Expansion


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The idea:

  • Collect various custom high level (untradable) skilling materials to smith (t) and (g) armor sets depending on skill level from 99-120. These armor pieces will be cosmetic, however, they will give you a different bonus. The quality of the buff will depend on the skill level that is required to make the piece.

What it accomplishes:

  • Incentivize use of cosmetic override feature
  • Incentivize the use of more skills
  • Skilling box items will no longer be an insta-deslove
  • Add hours of gameplay that leaves the player with a sense of accomplishment upon completion
  • Everyone loves more gear slots!
  • Shiny

Minimum requirements:

  • 99 smithing
  • 99 mining
  • 99 woodcutting

Some Details:

  • Collect trimming logs with 99 woodcutting
  • Collect infused ore with 99 mining
  • Combine them to make trimmed bar with 99 smithing
  • Smith the bar(s) required to make the desired armor piece
  • Start with bronze (t) at 99 and work your way to rune (t) gear at level 109
  • begin bronze (g) gear at level 110, work your way up to rune (g) gear at 120
  • This gear wont provide any stats, instead it will work similar to pets, giving a % buff depending on what set you have equipped to your cosmetic override slots
  • These items can be hidden in the cosmetic override interface if you don't wish to display them over your normal gear



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I really like the idea of creating these custom armour sets, as it would incentivize the use of cosmetic overrides and more skills while adding hours of gameplay.
However, I am not a big fan of the need to woodcut for it. I don't feel like there is a link or need for woodcutting and trimming. Is there any way we could potentially modify the requirements to make it more on a theme such as crafting/fletching? Perhaps we could use a log material that is obtained from woodcutting but then needs to be worked again or implement an alternative activity for players to gather the required resources 😶

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