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Step 1: Choosing your game mode

I would recommend 2 accounts:

Your main account to be realism & your alt account to be regular.

So you can feed ores/orbs (to aoe) from your alt to your main to keep the main pvming. 

Screenshot-538 Screenshot-537 

Step 2: Getting started

I would put your alt in the mines straight away to mine ores to sell (gold dust +) for t9 gear for the main. (draconic/dragonrage/psychic)

Use ::items to check for upgrades to buy/grind for on the main account.

You can use ::yt and buy a silver battlepass season 4 from the youtube shop at home. (use ::sp to claim progression in the season pass)
Leveling up the season pass can be done with serveral things:


The bond / youtube shop & chests are located North-East of ::home. (ctrl+h)


Step 3: Pvming

there's much grinds you could do, but I would focus on getting cash first:

Skotizo (Greater orb+)

Abyssal Sire (Greater orb+)

Jewel demon (Grand orb+)

Grave bosses (grave robber/tender/stomper (Grand orb+)

Cash connisseur minigame (any orb)

This is from worst - best so cash connisseur is the best place for raw cash. (see: Money Making)

You will need to be using aoe in instances to make pvming go faster but this will require specific orbs per npc & instance tokens obtained from a variation of things (lucky key, glory key,superior slayer boxes,galaxy minigame, ...)

Orbs are made with 3 items: 

- Aoe mould / elemental aoe mould (obtained from pvm point shop / obtained from ::forge)
- Gold dust (mining / globals / ::pos)
- Iron/mithril/adamant/runite & elemental ore (mining / ::pos)
- Shift click items to instant sell them for cash.

Step 4: Alt account setup

So for this step you'll be grinding a while but it's just to get you on the right track as early as possible.

I'd focus on mining ores on your account for charging mainly.

You should do ::chargeguide / ::forgeguide / ::aguide ingame to have a better understanding of the unique skills.

For the best charging xp you should focus on getting the following things:

Make empty orbs in the week if you can to charge in double xp (saturday 00:00 server time - monday 00:00 server time)
Check Charging information for further info.
Get doublers as quickly as possible from mike (global boss) or ::forge tier 5

All doublers are 5k of the specific ore except for gold/elemental shown below:
Screenshot-829 Screenshot-831

Step 5: Raids

To unlock raids you will need the following things:

After unlocking t5 raids sell or use the keys and ::progress will be required for the later ''t10 raids''  bring 2 weapon styles to ::raids as you'll need it as the boss of T5 raids can switch prayers!


Step 6: Will be added later

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