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Getting Started

With level 120 Hunter, purchase 5x Box Traps from the skilling store.

Teleport to ::overlordzone and navigate north west to the hunting location.

Lay your box traps and catch the Overlord Chinchompas.

When caught, you can harvest these chinchompas with a 1/250 chance to receive either the Overlord Knife or Overlord Pick.


Moving Forward

After you have obtained the Overlord Knife & Overlord Pick, you can move forward to creating an Overlord Weapon.

You can now Mine Overlord Minerals & Fletch Overlord Logs into Overlord Thorns.

Find a mining location in the southeast or northwest sections of the island.

Mine the ore for minerls.

Locate an Overlord Tree in the southern part of the island and start chopping.

You can fletch these logs with an Overlord Knife into Overlord Thorns.



Create An Overlord Weapon

Obtain 2,500 Overlord Minerals & Overlord Thorns.

Click your smithing skill to teleport to the furnace.

Click the furnace with these amounts of materials in your inventory.

Create any of the three weapons you would like to. 

Any of the three weapons has 5,000 charges (attacks) before they will dissolve.

Once one of your Overlord Weapons dissolves, you will need to create another one.


Overlord Slayer

Once you have obtained an Overlord Weapon, you can start on Overlord Slayer.

Travel to the middle of the island to find Headbash The Overlord.

Click your slayer skill and select him as your slayer master.

Right click the master to get a slayer task.

You will receive an Overlord Task to complete.

Every task you complete, you will be awarded anywhere from 50-500 Overlord Points.


Overlord Point Shop & Overlord Boost Scrolls

Right click the slayer master and select "Rewards".

In this shop, you will find Overlord Boost Scrolls for 25K points each!

Continue to slay the NPCs on the island an accumulate points, spend these points on the scrolls.

You can claim 10x Total Scrolls and each gives the players 100% Drop Rate, Double Drop Rate & Damage Boost!


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