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Tier 9.5


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Introduce Tier 9.5

To address the noticeable gap in gear progression between Tier 9 and Tier 10, it would be beneficial to introduce a new tier of equipment - Tier 9.5. This new tier could provide a more balanced equipment economy, while also creating a sink for forging materials and cash.

The concept:

To obtain Tier 9.5 equipment, players could use 3-5 statues of the gear they wish to make (such as Draconic, Dragonrage, or Psychic), in addition to 200-500k forging minerals and some cash. The forging process would cost around 12-15 million in total, resulting in a final item worth approximately 25 million each.

Additionally, the forging process COULD offer a chance to obtain a random box or chest (of the statue type used), or allow players to select a specific item they would like to receive back. This could provide a sense of excitement and variability to the forging process.

To make the introduction of Tier 9.5 even easier, the new gear could simply be the old Tier 9 with an "Elite"/(E) title added to it. However, it would also be exciting to add new attributes and bonuses to the gear to make it unique and desirable. For example, Tier 9.5 equipment could offer a new set bonus when multiple pieces are equipped (10% dmg), or have a special effect that triggers when certain conditions are met during combat. (This may push Tier 9.5 above Tier 10 so it could also be a great time to introduce set bonuses).

Overall, introducing Tier 9.5 equipment would help fill the dead zone in gear progression, balance the equipment economy, and provide players with new opportunities for forging and upgrading their gear. As currently Tier 10 is rare, expensive and for many a long grind away. Tier 9 = 1-3 million, Tier 10 = 100 million + (maybe more with the new money coming into the game) So the gap needs to be filled! 

Suggestion for the equipment bonuses:

image.pngTier 9.5: Bonus: +410.0 Drop Rate: 35%

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+1 from me,
Great formatting, lovely idea and with giving set bonusses you'd likely see it all balance out like right now just with a new tier inbetween 9 & 10, but I would just make it round tier numbers so adjusting t10/11/12. I love the idea very much tho.

Tier 10: This suggestion
Tier 11: Oblivion/Res/Demonhunter/Enraged
Tier 12: Emperor Items & Powerful Items / Owner cape (e)
Tier 13: Investor cloak / Triplet Aura / future gear 

Guaranteed(it's own tier)
All the 100% Items 

Will require some moving around but overall it would make it cleaner imo.
Also move the elemental aoe mould & elemental doubler either to t5 or add to the guaranteed tier 

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