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QOL thread for Apollo


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Apollo QOL Thread

Here is a short thread of QOL updates that I think would be great additions to add to Apollo in the next update.

image.png Golden furnace:
Improvement for charging
: Let's us craft empty AOE orbs with noted gold ore, thus allowing us to make 25 empty orbs per inventory instead of 13 per inventory. (Add a right-click option for repeating the last orb craft)
- The Golden Furnace will be unlocked through 1. Donator zone 2. Forging an item to unlock a teleport.

Collection Log: image.png 

Improvement for gameplay and progression: Similar to achievements, the Collection log for boxes and bosses is a target many RSPS set for players. A grindable collection log with worthwhile bonuses will add another “grind” for players to aim for. Currently, there’s 0 value in completing anything past getting the item you want.

image.png  Open All: 

Improvement for gameplaySend the rewards to your bank for boxes, chests and keys. This will help especially for opening PVM, Slayer and Superior Slayer boxes.

::Items (Display DDR/Cosmetics) image.png
 Improvement for gameplayKeep ::Items updated, add Double drop rate to the displayed attributes and also introduce a display for Cosmetic Bonuses as players get confused on this a lot or purchase cosmetic items unknowing of the fact that they are cosmetic. This is meant to be a “guide” on what gear to aim for but currently, it is lacking information and is also missing most of the newer items which lead to confusion for new players.

- Additionally, Information on where to obtain the item similar to other realm servers would be a huge help to players.


image.png  Slayer Rework/Expansion:

 Improvement for gameplay, progression and adds a new moneymaker

Slayer feels like its current implementation is limited to unlocking T5 raids. To bring a fresh perspective and add more value to the game, Introducing a new slayer master at level 120. This addition would offer more lucrative money-making opportunities outside of the new cash zone and mining/Making AOE, Grindable gear upgrades, and exclusive perks for players. One option is to allow players to earn upgraded Slayer helmets with bonus damage and DDR/DR, which can be levelled up using points earned from the new Slayer master and zones which can we equipped in the cosmetic slot while slaying.


Another suggestion is to create a Slayer Island accessible through points or keys. This island could feature superior slayer NPCs that provide limited access and low kill opportunities but offer passive bonuses such as DR, DDR, damage, and more. The island could also include rare and valuable drops, such as unique cosmetic items or exclusive gear upgrades.


To add even more depth to the slayer system, A introduction of Slayer Contracts. These contracts would task players with specific challenges, such as killing a certain number of particular monsters or completing a specific task within a given time frame. Completing these contracts would offer substantial rewards and provide a new way for players to engage with the slayer system. With no way of skipping/cancelling a task and the higher streak the better reward.

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