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Hi I'm Delphi aka MacroKing


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Hi I'm Delphi and I'm a Macroholic.

Nahhh I'm just kidding. I am 23 yrs old and currently live in New Zealand. I'm currently studying a bachelor of business, Majoring in economics at Massey University, While working full time. I love playing basketball, training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, reading and obviously playing games. I love spending time with people and being in crowds but like probably most people here I'm not very good in social situations as I spend most of my free time playing games in my room lul. 

I've only recently started playing any kind of Runescape games. My first Runescape private server was actually Apollo which I joined on the 5th of Feb so I've only really been playing a couple months. In this time I've made a lot of new friends like; Cheung, Elvis, QQ, Civil Rain, Manacaym, Froggers, Purple17 and so many more. One of the reasons I love the Realm after only playing for a short period of time is that all of the people mentioned have helped me learn the game and supported me when I've been down and just treated me as if we've been friends for decades. 

Before playing Apollo I spent a lot of time playing Ark Survival and League of Legends. I have over 15k hours on Ark Survival so if anyone has any questions or would like some help to get started I'm feel free to send me a message on discord. I also would love to play league with anyone here especially if you're in OCE but I also have an NA account and would be down to play some ARAMS or norms as long as u don't mind playing with someone on 200 ping. I've also recently been convinced by QQ and Elvis to play Lost Light with some of the boyz so if first person shooters are your thing feel free to hit any of us up to play. 

I spend most of my time at the moment playing Gondor X and watching Anime so feel free to message me if u need help starting out on Gondor or are just bored if I don't reply on Gondor feel free to message me on Discord. I'm also really looking forward to the release of Custom X and I can see the amount of effort Prophet and his team have been putting into this server and the passion Prophet has so I will definitely be there waiting for you all.

Ladies I'm kind of a simp so if u need in names uhhhh TeeHee

Add my discord if you want Delphi#7008


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Welcome to the realm Delphi,

Thank you for introducing yourself to our community! It's great to hear that you enjoy playing games, basketball, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It's also impressive that you're studying for a bachelor of business and working full-time - that takes a lot of dedication and hard work. Especially with the grind these servers need.
Looking forward to the release of Custom X's release also although compared to most I think I know least about it so you can help me there 🤫

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